Truth about my #StitchFix subscription

Ok, so let’s get honest. I don’t know about you, but I’m always complaining about not having anything to wear. If you’re a woman, you can relate, and it’s not that you DON’T have anything to wear, but that you don’t know how to wear what you already have. I’ve always had this problem, so two years ago (December of 2016) I decided to sign up for Stitch Fix thinking that every time they sent me something, I’d be able to throw everything on and have an outfit put together, just like that. Wrong! If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix, it’s pretty much a personal stylist that hand picks items based on all your preferences (based off an extensive questionnaire) then they send it to you and you either purchase the items or return them. You also choose how often you want to receive these hand-picked items, for me, I chose to receive it every other month. To this day, I’ve only liked 4 items, out of the more than 50 items they’ve sent me… which means my stylist either doesn’t understand what I like or that I am not explaining myself correctly. So now, I’m actually thinking of trying the competition. Here is a yellow bag that they sent me that I did love…Also, If you try Stitch Fix, let me know what you think, maybe I’m doing it all wrong!


See ya lovelies,



Hola! Hoy les quiero hablar de mi subscripción a Stitch Fix, una compañía que te envía ropa de acuerdo a tu talla y estilo, y si te gusta, tu la puedes comprar, o también regresar si no la quieres. Estilistas de imagen se basan en una guía que llenas al iniciar tu perfil, y te mandan outfits que piensan que te van a gustar. Si te gusta la ropa, tu pagas $20 extra por el servicio, encima del costo de la ropa. Desde que me inscribí, sólo he comprado unas cuantas prendas, pero casi siempre, regreso todo. Aún así, lo recomiendo, porque es una buena opción que te puede ayudar a mejorar tu guardarropa. Creo que tengo que cambiar mi perfil, para que me manden diferente ropa, pero otra cosa que haré es probar la competencia y ver que me parece. Las imágenes que ven son de una bolsa que me mandaron y que me encantó! Si lo prueban, me cuentan como les va!

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