Healthy #toast for that coffee!

Hey there! If you love dessert as much as I do, please keep reading! Honestly, I would probably already have abs (my long time goal) if it weren’t for my love of pastries and sweets. They are my absolute weakness and when it comes to eating healthy that’s the one thing that always gets in my way. Anyway, I’ve been trying different types of breads (we still need our share of healthy carbs (yay!) and I want to share with you some delicious mixes that I’ve created to go with your coffee in the morning. As a latina, I can tell you that “café con pan” is the norm either for breakfast, for a snack, or for dessert, which is why I want to share these healthier alternatives.

What you’ll need:

  • Sprouted Grain Bread (your choice) check out this list
  • Fruit: Berries are a must, but you can also add: Banana, Kiwi, Figs, etc.
  • Spread: Earth Balance Organic Coconut Spread, Almond Butter (your choice), feta cheese (really good with blueberries and honey)
  • Toppings: Chia seeds, Flax seeds, or just a drizzle of honey

And Voila! There it is! Mix and match from the list and enjoy!

Cheers! (with coffee, of course!)




Si te gusta el café con pan, no estas sola. Yo amo el café y casi siempre necesito algo dulce para acompañar mi cafecito. Hoy te quiero sugerir éstas alternativas que son igual de deliciosas y mucho mejor para tu salud y contienen azúcar natural en vez de artificial. Simplemente tienes que comprar pan, fruta, y algún tipo de miel o untado.

Lo que necesitarás:

  • Fruta: fresas, arándanos, banana, kiwi, higo, etc.
  • Pan germinado ( qué es germinado?, lee)
  • Untado: mantequilla de coco orgánica, miel, queso feta

Y listo! Mezcla estas variedades y cuéntame que te parecieron.

Con cariño,



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