Memorial Day feels like the beginning of summer

Happy Monday and happy Memorial Day! Even though it’s about to end, I do want to say that today felt almost like the Fourth of July. First, because of the weather here in the Bay Area which has been in the mid-sixties and today it felt like the mid-eighties and second because the Golden State Warriors won the Western Conference Finals and I’ve been hearing fireworks all night. For me, it’s exciting because the days are slowly feeling longer and longer, which means more time to shoot, edit, and create content. I’m  also very excited because I’ll be sharing some exciting news soon (not yet) that will bring many changes to my life, in a good way. So, I’d love to know what your favorite summer activities are and what you would recommend to someone who’s not a big fan of summer. Besides longer days, and summer nights out on the patio, what do you enjoy about this season. Tell me and let’s share ideas.


Feliz Lunes! Ya se empieza a sentir como verano aquí en el Área de la Bahía y aunque yo no soy muy fan del verano, me siento muy contenta porque pronto compartiré unas buenas noticias con ustedes que será un gran paso en mi vida y la de mi esposo. Pero me he tomado la actividad de buscar actividades divertidas para hacer este verano, especialmente si no quieres gastar mucho o salir de tu casa (yo amo estar en casa). Antes de compartirlas, quisiera saber que actividades ustedes disfrutan. Cuéntenme y platiquemos! Yo pronto les compartiré mi lista basada en lo que esta en tendencia y también en el área donde vivo.



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