Summer Beach Photo Shoot

Hi all! I want to share with you guys some shots from a photoshoot I did with my brother-in-law a few months back. He mainly wanted to get shots of himself in his casual outfit (we also got shots of him in a suit) and these images were to be used  for his Instagram account. That day, the beach was pretty mellow, it was quite sunny and bright, and there weren’t that many places with shade. I had planned to walk towards the rocks and mountains to get shots in the shade, but the walk would’ve taken long, so we ended up staying in an area with beach bushes, sand, and the ocean in the background.

At first, the shots were not coming out as I had hoped they would, but as we started shooting some more and playing with the sun in the background, I started getting better shots and also getting more movement and poses out of my subject. I want to share these shots with you and get your opinion about them. I am happy to tell you the exact settings on my Canon 5D Mark IV, just let me know in the comments. At the moment, I do only have a 50 MM EF Lens 1:1.2 USM and I am hoping to buy a new lens at the start of next year.

Thanks for stopping by and I will continue to share more shoot recaps, favorite shots, and overall photography tips with you all.

Till next time!


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