Instagram Specific Photoshoot with Ale Arce…

Hi there! Happy Monday! I hope you’re having a great afternoon and enjoying this start of the week. Today I want to tell you about my photography session with the amazing Alejandra Arce, health and wellness blogger. Last week she launched her website which is now live and ready to enjoy ( do so right after you read this!). I drove to her town of Petaluma in California to spend the day with her on a photoshoot, specifically for her Instagram page.

We had already gone over her outfits and had scouted some locations, so that morning we headed out to start taking pictures. The weather was real sunny and nice, which meant we had to either work with the sun, or look for some shade, we did both. It’s not always the best to shoot in hot conditions, only because the sun hitting your face isn’t always the most fun, especially if you’re posing or walking.

When you go out to shoot, it doesn’t matter how prepared you might be, things don’t always go as planned so it’s important to be patient and to look for those moments that rely define the blogger (subject) or situation. Always remember that if a place isn’t working, look for another place because you don’t want your subject to get annoyed or tired.

The three locations we found were a local farmer’s market, a brick wall, and a residential neighborhood with some pretty houses.

Check out the results of our shoot and if you’d like to know the settings, send me message or comment below.

Thank you for reading this and remember to never give up, your great shot is closer than you think.

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