5 Tips To Re-do Your Office Space Without Expert Help

Hi Friends,

Happy Monday! I want to share with you a little bit about my office transformation. As you may already know, my husband and I bought a house last year ( 3BR, 1B). Since day 1, I destined one of the rooms as my office space and since then I have been working on different looks and layouts for it.

Finally, at the beginning of this year, I convinced my husband to buy me affordable furniture from Ikea, and also help me execute the famous Pinterest Ikea Shelf Hack. We spray painted my shelves and my desk legs and created this space.

I want to share with you my pictures of the process and my final decoration. Also, here are some tips for you if you would like to re-do or re-create your space (especially if you’re not an “expert”):

Tip#1: Furniture: Get matching furniture, whether it’s all black or all white, or even two toned such as wood and metal or white and gold like me. Whatever colors you choose, make sure ALL your furniture isn’t more than two colors, because then it’ll be hard to work with.

Tip#2: Area Rug: Area rugs are the best because they can also help determine the color of your decoration. Fuzzy area rugs or striped area rugs are awesome because they add a lot of style to your office. The color doesn’t really matter, but if you want to play it safe, I’d say stick to neutrals, that way your decoration will be what stands out.

Tip#3: Choose a Metallic color and buy decor in that color: Whether it’s GOLD (which is so in right now), Silver ( classic), Rose Gold (Super fun), or Brassy (a darker golden color), one of these will be the color that pops in all your decor. What do I mean? This means that the frames, vases, stapler, or even pillows you buy should all match with this same color to tie it all in, so choose wisely!

Tip#4: Symmetry: When putting your furniture, make sure it looks symmetrical, whether that means buying two shelves instead of one and placing them on either side of your desk or buying two lamps so that one goes on either side, using symmetry to organize your space will help give your office a more complete look. Plus, it levels everything out.

Tip#5: Buy a full-body mirror: Besides it being a great accessory and decorative piece all on its own, it will give the illusion of “space” to your office and also be the perfect place to take your selfie. Extra tip, place it across a decorative shelf or organized wall, this adds a cute background look to it.

There you have it! Let me know what you think and if this has been helpful, please share, comment, or let me know on Instagram and Facebook.

My Furniture colors are white and gold
I matched the gold on all my accessories and decorative pieces
Hints of gray rug color are also present in the decor
Buy flowers to add life
matching flower frames




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