Coffee Bar/Breakfast Nook DIY

Hi guys! Happy Sunday! Today I want to share some details about my coffee bar/breakfast nook that I finally got around to finishing. Honestly, I had so many ideas and I wasn’t so sure what I wanted to do, but here is what I did, what I bought, and how I went about it.

Day 1: Furniture Idea/Inspiration

Originally, I wanted this table and Chair:


Unfortunately, no Ikea store near me had it and I wasn’t trying to drive to Sacramento, so I went to my local Ikea and starting moving tables and chairs to see how different colors looked together and I finally decided on the White Melltorp table and Leifarne chairs and legs

Table: below (minus the blue chairs)


Chairs: below (remember that all parts are sold separately)





Since I chose the olive chairs, I decided to go for a kitchen cart with a light wood finish in order to compliment and match the chairs.

Here is the one I got: Bekvam



Finally, once I had everything assembled and ready, I started to move things around to see what would look right. Remember that things don’t always look great at the first attempt. You have to try different things and move things around, sometimes even more than you would like.

Also, some of the decor I already had and the other one, I got at the following stores:

Nordstrom Rack, Target, and TJ Maxx.

Here is my final look:


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